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Reservation and cancellation policy


  • To make a reservation, please call 1 888-986-3278. 
  • You must reserve your cruise in advance. We start taking reservations in October for the following summer season.  
  • If you make a reservation more than 60 days prior to the date of departure : a deposit of $300 per person for a round-trip cruise is required. Payment of the remaining balance will be required 60 days prior to the date of departure.
  • If you make a reservation 60 days or less prior to the date of departure : payment in full is required.
  • When making your reservation by phone, you must provide your credit card number and expiration date in order to proceed with payment. 

Cancelling or changing a reservation

  • Cancellation more than 60 days before the date of departure: loss of deposit
  • Cancellation 60 days or less before the date of departure: no refund
  • The deposit is non-tranferable.
  • Any changes to the reservation will incur a $50 fee per booking.
  • Any change in date made less than 60 days before the date of departure will incur a $200 fee per booking.
  • Purchasing cancellation insurance is strongly recommended. To purchase insurance, please speak with one of our customer service representatives. 

Other policies

  • All sums due by virtue of this document as a deposit or other may only be paid in cash, by certified cheque, postal money order or credit cart (Visa or MasterCard). 
  • All passengers holding a reservation to board the ship, with or without a vehicle, must be at the boarding dock lest two hours prior to departure. 
  • All passengers agree to abide by all written rules and/or all directives necessary for the safety and proper operation of the ship.
  • All minors must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 12 must always be under the supervision of an adult with custody and control. 
  • When making a reservation to transport a vehicle, the passenger must identify the type of vehicle, specifying whether it is a trailer, camping trailer, sport utility vehicle and/or minivan, pick-up truck, etc. 
  • The carrier shall not be responsible for any damage caused to property belonging to passengers or brought onto the ship by them, in particular vehicles used in the performance of this contract, including boarding and disembarkation areas. The carrier shall not be responsible for any theft, vandalism that may occur against the property of passengers and/or brought by them in the performance of this contact, including boarding and disembarkation areas. 

Transportation terms and conditions

Transport of passengers, and thier baggage is governed by Canadian maritime law, with the exclusion of the Rules annexed to the Carriage of  Goods by Water Act (S.C. 1993, ch. 21), and any legal action shall be brought and maintained exclusively before the Federal Court of Canada. 

Release from liability

Neither the carrier nor the ship shall be responsible for loss of life, bodily harm or non-pecuniary damage or harm affecting a passenger and any travelling companions or persons for whom the passenger has a transportation contract, and for the loss, theft or damage to their property other than a vehicle or good placed in the exclusive custody of the carrier, baggage, personal effetcs, documents or cash, ocurring for any reason whatsoever, on board thship, on a ramp, on a landing, in a waiting room, in a location or structure owned, rentedm occupied, or managed by the carrier. 

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, this release of liability covers negligence, in particular on the part of the carrier or the ship, or on the part of its administrators, employees or crew members, agents or independent contractors, for whom the carrier is deemed an agent for this prupose and who are deemed to be parties to this contract; in particular, this includes negligence during boarding and disembarkation, attacks against persons, nautical fault, breakage, defects or failure of any engine, equipment or part of the ship, related places or structures heretofore mentioned and unseaworthiness of the ship provided that the carrier exercised reasonable care in this regard prior to and upon commencement of the voyage. 

"Damage" includes in particular direct and indirect damages, and economic loss. 

Any passenger accompanying a child, elderly person or person with disability is responsible for their movements and actions at all times. 

Hours are subject to change without notive, and without liability or recourse for delays, service interruptions or deviatoins; in particular, the carrier reserves the right, without prejudice and without notice, to sudstitute a ship with another, change the itinerary, deviate from its regular or announced trajectory, cancel a scheduled voyage, assist other ships and stop at any port or location without prejudice and without notice, and refuse boarding to a passenger or vehicle if, in the opinion of the captain, the presence of this passenger or vehicle is likely to jeopardize the safety of other passengers or goods. The Carrier is not responsible for providing communication with other ships or transportation methods, and passengers must assume all room and board fees incurred while waiting for communcation or as a result of a delay or detour. 

The transport of vehicles, including motorcycles, and goods placed in the exclusive custody of the carried, is governed by the terms and conditions for transport listed in the bill of lading of the carrier, who hereby incorporates the Hague/Visby Rules in effect and annexed to the Liability for the Carriage of Goodes by Water Act (S.C. 1993, ch. 21).  

In the event of a cancellation of the request for transport, the deposit is non-refundable or refundable according to the cancellation policy. 

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