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Cruise reservation/cancellation

How do I make a reservation?

To make a reservation, please contact our customer service department at 1 888 986-3278. You will need to provide your travel dates, type of cabin, type of package (if desired), your contact information and payment information for the deposit. 

What is the reservation policy?

If you make a reservation more than 60 days prior to your departure, you must pay a $300 deposit per person for Montréal - Îles de la Madeleine round-trip cruises. If you make a reservation 60 days or less prior to your date of departure, payment in full is required. 

If I have to cancel my reservation, what are the refund terms? 

If you have to canacel your reservation more than 60 days prior to your date of departure, your deposit will not be refunded. In the event of a cancellationfor serious illness or death, 50% of the deposit will be refunded upon presentation of supporting documents. 

Sixty (60) days or less prior to your date of departure, no refund will be authorized. 

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact a customer service representative. 

What is included in the cruise/Additional fees

What about tips?

Since tips are an expression of your satisfaction, the amount always remains at your discretion. We suggest $14 per person per day for all on-board services, and an enveloppe is left in your room for this purpose. You can return this enveloppe to the reception desk at the end of your cruise. For the drink service, the suggested tip is 15% of the amount, with the tip paid directly to the person who provided the service. 

Ship rules

Can I smoke on board the ship?

Smoking is only allowed in the smoking are located on the outer deck behind the bar.

Are pets allowed on board? 

Pets are not allowed on the ship.


How much is parking at the Port of Montréal

Parking is available for the duration of your cruise, for the price of $25* per day, taxes included. A 15% discount applies of you leave the car on site for a week. The Port og Montréal accepts payments by Vise, Mastercard or cash. Reservations are not required. 
*Rates are subject to change depending on the pricing of the Port of Montréal

How many pieces of luggage are allowed?

We accept one main luggage (50 lbs) and one hand luggage (22 lbs). Passengers will receive luggage tags with their ticket that should be placed on each of piece of luggage to identify it by cabin number. 

Can we park our car at the ports of embarkation (Montréal/Cap-aux-Meules)?

Yes. Parking for departures from Montréal is located at the cruise terminal, and the cost is $25 per day. Parking for departures from Cap-aux-Meules is located near the cruise terminal and is free. 

What time does boarding start? 

Boarding starts 2 hours prior to the ship's departure. This is why you must arrive at the boarding dock on time. 

At what time is the disembarkation in Montréal? 

The ship docks at the Port of Montréal at 7 a.m. Disembarkation is between 7 and 8 a.m. Passengers can enjoy a last breakfast before leaving the ship. 

On board amenities 

Is the cruise accessible to people with disabilities? 

Services for people with disabilities are partially accessible. You must notify us of your physical condition when you make your cruise reservation. To learn more about the services available to people with disabilities on board the ship, please click here.

Is the cruise suitable for children?

Children are welcome on board and can participate in all activities provided they are accompanied by their parents. We also have a playroom where they can play under the supervision of their parents. Please note, however, that a specific children's activities program is only available when there are a sufficient number of children on board. We therefore recommend that you bring some games or activities to keep them entertained. 

What are the cabins like?

The cabins are small but they offer all the necessary amenities for the cruise. You will need to bring a few personal belongings, such as a hair dryer and shampoo. The cabins have 100 volts/cycle 50 (Hertz) electrical outlets. Twin are 30 inches wide and double beds 48 inches wide. Bedding in included. Cleaning is done every day in the cabins. 

Are there activities offered on board?

Yes. Our team of activity leaders will keep you entertained throughout the entirety of the cruise with a variety of on-board entertainment. To learn more about activities on board the ship, visit our activities page Activities available.

What is the meal plan? 

Breakfast and lunch are served in the restaurant, with a choice of two menus. For dinner, which is served in the dining room, you must select your preferred dinner time when making your cruise reservation: 5 p.m. or 8 p.m. The dinner menu includes four courses, and you have a choice of two menus. 


Is there a dress code on board?

No. However, we suggest business attire in the dining room, in which baseball caps or tank tops are not permetted. For walking on the decks, we recommend you bring a warm sweater and/or a windbreaker. 

What about sea sickness?

Don't worry! The ship is equipped with stabilizers to minimize pitching. 

Is there medical staff on board? 

There is no medical staff on board the ship. However several crew members have received advanced first aid at sea training. They will be able to take action in case of an emergency. 

What happens if there is a departure delay or cancellation, or change itinerary? 

We are not responsible for delays or cancellations in situations beyond our control. We are, therefore, not able to provide you with any compensation, however, we will do everything in our power to allow you to reach your destination as quickly as possible. 

What will happen should the speed limit remain in effect during the 2020 season? 

If the speed limit is in effect, certain stopovers may be changed or canceled. 

What should be done in case of food allergies or intolerances? 

Passengers suffering from food intolerences and/or allergies must alert staff to their special dietary needs when making their reservation and, once on board, confirm those special dietary needs at the reception desk. Given advance notice, the staff on board will be able to prepare meals containing no ingredients likely to result in an allergic reaction. Nonetheless, we advise passengers to bring their own food if they have dietary restrictions that require specific foods. A refrigerator is available. 


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