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Accessibility for disabled persons

If you have a physical restriction of any kind, rest assured that CTMA Cruises offers services and assistance to ensure a pleasant cruise experience. You should nonetheless specify your needs when you make your cruise reservation so that we may take the necessary measures to help you in the best way possible. 

Here is some practical information on the services we provide:

Passenger areas

The majority of general passenger areas, including the dining room, restaurant and bars, are designed to be fully accessible to people with disabilities. If you need additional assistance, crew will be happy to assist you.

Food allergies

Passengers with a food allergy must notify their customer service representative when making their reservation so that another menu option may be offered during the cruise. A reminder should also be made at the reception desk before boarding so that you may be properly identified. 


The CTMA Vacancier is equipped with a passenger elevator providing access to all passenger decks and the vehicle deck. It should be noted that during extreme weather conditions, the elevator may be closed for safety reasons. With of elevator door: 26"

Shuttle bus with wheelchair lift

The shuttle bus used to transport CTMA Vacancier passengers from the landing to the ship equipped with a wheelchair lift. 


The ship has one cabin intended to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Please consult the cabin page to view the layout. All other cabins have a doorstep leading to the bathroom. Measurements for the handicap-accessible cabin are as follows : 

  • Width of cabin door: 26"
  • Lower bed:
    Height of bed from the ground: 17"
    Width of lower bed: 32"
  • Upper bed :
    Height of bed from the ground: 55"
    Width of upper bed: 30"
  • Shower :
    Width: 42"
    Loength: 43"
    Height of shower bench: 18"
  • Toilet :
    Height: 19,5"

Crew qualifications

The ship crew has received training on providing assistance to people with disabilities in compliance with Transport Canada regulations. 

First aid station and defibrillators

There is a frist-aid station on the main passenger deck. It includes a bed and medical supplies such as EPI pens and automatic external defibrillators. Although there is no medical staff on board the ship, certain crew members have received training on actions to take in an emergency. As a precaution, we ask that you bring with you all medications necessary to your health. 

Public bathroom

The ship is equipped with bathroom accessible to people with disabilities. 

  • Height of handicap-accessible bathroom doorstep: 0"
  • Width of handicap-accessible bathroom door : 39,5"


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